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Training pills — Ep 14. — Managing different projects

Training pills — Ep 14. — Managing different projects

We know how hard your day to day is. Planning routes is a tedious job that requires a lot of concentration and experience. From we want to help you. For this reason, we launched a series of training pills that will help you improve every day. Our goal is for you to plan better, faster and more successfully.

Shall we start?

In this pill we are going to teach you how to manage different PROJECTS 💎

or separate workspaces within a single account. This functionality is very useful when in your company you want to differentiate work environments, users and roles.

For example, if your company operates in different cities and you don't want to mix plans from one region to another. Another example, users who work with subcontracted/outsourced fleets and they give contractors access so they can track only their fleet. Even, a test environment, one of simulation and another one from production.

Order is a virtue, and it's proven to help you be more efficient, so we're convinced you'll like it.

A good teacher

How does it work?

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By clicking on the top left you can access all the projects, the menu to manage them and a direct access to create new ones.

When you create a new project, you can manage how many licenses you assign to each one so that you can optimize with more or fewer vehicles.

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At the user level, you can manage different types of profiles:

  • Administrator: He is the user with visibility to work on all projects, in addition, the only one with the capacity to manage billing.
  • Manager: User able to manage one or more projects, add vehicles, customers, plan and manage the entire project.
  • User: This role allows you to do everything related to the product, create, edit routes, except for the project management, licensing and billing parts.

This advanced functionality is only available to licensed users Gorilla 🦍

or higher. Monkeys always run loose, but gorillas like order better 😄

I'll leave you a video explaining how it works in just 3 minutes. Enjoy it!


This update brings many performance improvements to the application as well as usability improvements. We've reordered all the configuration options to make it much easier to find.

We hope it was useful and we look forward to seeing you next week with more pills to improve your daily efficiency!

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