Plan your routes better

Solve your planning in seconds, saving 30% of costs.
We will do it taking into account weight, schedules, pickups...

Routal dashboard
Fast and efficient planning

You can plan your routes in the easiest way you can find taking into account weight, schedules, pickups, traffic in real time...

Real-time tracking

You can monitor all the routes you manage. You'll react better to unforeseen events, save money and your customers will be happier.


You'll have all kinds of statistics to discover new insights and identify the best routes, the best drivers...

Planificación rápida y eficiente

Podrás planificar tus rutas de la forma más fácil que encontrarás teniendo en cuenta peso, horarios, recogidas, tráfico en tiempo real...

Seguimiento en tiempo real

Podrás monitorizar todas las rutas que gestionas. Reaccionarás mejor a imprevistos, ahorrarás dinero y tus clientes serán más felices.


Tendrás todo tipo de estadísticas para descubrir nuevos insights e identificar las mejores rutas, los mejores conductores...


The route optimizer with which you can save 30% of costs

Gain time and precision

It simplifies planning and optimizes delivery time.
Create efficient routes in seconds with our advanced algorithms. You'll only need 3 steps. It doesn't matter how many routes they are.
Real-time route optimization. You can even automatically assign orders to your drivers or external drivers.
Managing your restrictions. From weight and volume to specific customer schedules and requirements. Plan realistically.
Intuitive route editing. You can easily and quickly edit routes to adapt to everyday needs as you go.

Full, accurate and up-to-date view

Stay in control at all times.
Instant location of vehicles in real time. You'll optimize resource allocation and improve operational efficiency.
Simplified delivery tests from the platform. You will instantly verify the accuracy and timeliness of your services.
Proactive notifications. You'll keep your customers informed with automated messages via email or SMS.
Fast reaction to incidents. You'll be able to send and receive alerts in real time to reduce errors and ensure service continuity.

Improve your decisions with data

All your centralized metrics are just a click away.
Centralized operational metrics. You'll be able to decide better by having all the performance information for your routes and drivers.
Detailed driver statistics. You'll be able to identify areas for improvement and recognize the work of people who work very well.
Granular and detailed information. You will have very well organized data to discover accurate insights that optimize your logistics.
Historical data archive. You'll be able to save and use all the information from the past to make impactful decisions.

Hassle-free connectivity

Easily integrate your systems with Routal.
Easy connection to API. You can easily customize your experience and expand the capabilities of your software.
Webhooks to receive real-time information about your operations. You'll be able to synchronize your current systems effortlessly.
Almost total compatibility. Connect from any system. There will be no technological barriers to integrating your existing infrastructure.
Intuitive route editing instantly. You can easily and quickly change your plans at any time whenever necessary.

We assist businesses of all sizes in 32 countries. Thank you!

Pedro Sangüino
Pedro Sangüino
Owner Yammy Backery.

With Routal, we have greatly improved the efficiency of our delivery logistics. They are much faster, they help us save fuel costs and we can let our customers know how soon we are going to arrive at their home.

Carlos Gorriz
Carlos Gorriz
Ogistics areas of operations.

We have improved deliveryman productivity by 10%-15%. We have also reduced the number of vehicles in the city and delivery errors after activating advance notice notifications with our customers.

Mauricio Dana
Mauricio Dana
COO, Pink Basket.

Since we have been using Routal, we have been able to save 21% on logistics costs. We've also improved on-time deliveries by over 96%. Our customers are happier with the service on a daily basis.


Any question?

Help Center
What is Routal?

Routal is the comprehensive platform for optimizing routes and all logistics operations for companies specialized in delivering the last mile. We save more than 30% of gasoline and 90% of time for delivery people and traffic managers, while helping to monitor all operations in real time and accurately communicate the time of arrival to your customers.

Our purpose is to move the world more intelligently. What will we do to achieve this? Our mission is to simplify route optimization as much as possible.

Does Routal work in my country?

We operate in everybody and nearly 1,000 customers in more than 32 countries use Routal daily to optimize their routes, saving time and money.

How do pricing and billing work?

El Routal subscription cost depends on the number of vehicles. It is necessary to include in the subscription as many vehicles as you plan to use. If the number of vehicles in your fleet varies, you have the option to adapt the number of vehicles registered in your subscription at any time in a simple and flexible way.

For more information, you can visit our section Prices.

Does Routal Planner have a limit of vehicles and stops?

Routal has no explicit limitation on the number of stops and vehicles.

Our recommendation for schedules greater than 1,000 stops should be segmented by zones to reduce the complexity of the problem, achieve solutions in a shorter time.

If you have questions, we will be happy to help you manage this type of planning. Contact our support team for more details.

What should I do if I need help?

Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities, so whenever you need help, we're here to help. Contact us through any of our communication channels:

Direct chat support:
In the lower right corner you will find a fixed button. Click to start chatting with our support team.

Email support:
Send us an email with your question and we will solve it as soon as possible.

Does Routal include traffic information?

Yes, you can calculate estimated times considering traffic information in real time. This functionality is present as an Add-on, while all licenses have a regular traffic simulator that allows you to adapt travel times manually.

Can I integrate Routal with my ERP?

Yes. Routal allows you to integrate with any existing ERP in real time to extract all necessary data automatically. Through our API, you can integrate any external system and even integrate different events in real time, such as the completed delivery, among others.

If you have questions, Contact us in the chat and our support team will help you through the entire process.

Is Routal simple to use?

Routal is so easy that by watching our 3-minute tutorial you'll be able to start planning routes. Simply follow the steps indicated on the platform when signing up. Planning routes will no longer be a tedious task and will be a job of less than 5 minutes a day. Try it here. Thank you very much for your trust.