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How to adapt to new logistics trends quickly and efficiently

Adapting your operations to new businesses can be difficult and time-consuming. If you need to focus on last-mile deliveries but you must reorganize your operations, Routal can help you do it in a simple and effective way. On this page, we will explain how Alfil Logístics not only managed to create a new last-mile delivery business division, but also improve its productivity by 15%, reducing the number of vehicles on the road and the number of failed deliveries with the help of Routal Planner. Continue reading if you also want to improve your productivity.

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“We chose Routal because it encompasses several processes in a single tool. From route planning to final delivery to the consumer, covered in a single system, which is also connected to the rest of the company's systems.”
Alfil Logistics

An operational need

In 2020, with the boom in online sales, Alfil Logistics had the opportunity to focus more on last-mile deliveries and e-commerce. They decided to create a new division: Alfilxpress. One of the main challenges of this new business was to plan routes with systems that they had historically used for their more traditional routes. These systems were not adapted to the last mile, which was highly complex, with 95% of deliveries to private homes and in their own vehicles. Another of the weaknesses they had was that they did not have real-time information about their offices and what, if they did, was in different systems. These problems were added to the fact that they had a high turnover of personnel since they had high peaks in demand and had little time to plan their routes every day. This is how their exhaustive search for a solution began to help them optimize their service, enrich information and improve decision-making.

Business Objectives

  • Systems that they used historically to plan routes were not adapted for the last mile.
  • Little time to plan and optimize, even same-day orders.
  • High staff turnover and low specialization (peaks in demand).
  • Lack of visibility of all information in real time and at a single point

The result of a good process

After the search, Alfil Logistics found different solutions and decided to implement Routal. One of the main reasons for choosing it was that it includes several processes in a single tool. From route planning to final delivery to the consumer, covered in a single system, which is also connected to the rest of the company's systems.

Increased productivity by 15%
Reduction of vehicles on the road
Standardization of operations
All the information in one place online and updated
Improving the success of the first installment
Improved incident response

The story behind the project

Before vs After


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Results and goals achieved

Improved route productivity, thanks to the algorithm that is based on reducing distance and time. An improvement in productivity of 15% of delivery people was achieved. Reduction in the number of vehicles on the road, contributing to the decongestion of the city.Standardization of operations, in addition to a balanced distribution, in terms of order and the load of packages in an orderly manner, reducing delivery time. The WebApp Drivers has a shorter learning curve, guides them along the route and can comment on incidents that arise. In addition, they don't need to download an app or use a large amount of mobile data. Improving the success of the first delivery: fewer failed deliveries thanks to communication with the customer. It also improves the quality of the information, there is a reduction in address errors thanks to geolocation by coordinates. Advance notice of delivery to the consumer.Inclusion of restrictions: delivery times, weight, volume, etc.Improved response to incidents: from the real-time view, managers can see the routes, it helps to have visibility and to make decisions in the face of possible incidents that arise on a daily basis. All the information in a single online and updated point.Obtaining key indicators (KPIs) in the analytics panel that allow an analysis and improvement of operations.

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