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Training pills — Ep 4. — Improving the effectiveness of geolocation

Training pills — Ep 4. — Improving the effectiveness of geolocation

We know how hard your day to day is. Planning routes is a tedious job that requires a lot of concentration and experience. From we want to help you, that's why we launched a series of training pills to help you improve day by day. Our goal is for you to plan better, faster and more successfully.

Shall we start?

In this pill we are going to present a new platform that will help you improve the quality of geolocation. It's about being able to set the country of operation. With this, we are helping the georeferencing system to fix the solutions in a more limited environment, thus improving the result.

How do we define our country of operation?

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Add the country as a search filter for planning

From now on, all the new plans we create will filter geolocation searches based on the country we have defined. In this way, we will achieve greater reliability of the results and we will save time in correcting addresses.

In this video you can see how this new functionality works and the advantages it provides (2 min).

If you're still having a problem with georeferencing your addresses and you missed your previous pill, I recommend that you take a look at it Ep. 3 — Address Geocoding some recommendations come out on how to structure the directions for greater success.

We hope it was useful and we look forward to seeing you next week with more pills to improve your daily efficiency!

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