The logistical secrets that Santa Claus didn't want to share with the Three Kings

The logistical secrets that Santa Claus didn't want to share with the Three Kings

Santa Claus is one of the greatest and most recognized representations of Christmas. A great, endearing hero and the one responsible par excellence for distributing thousands and thousands of gifts in addition to fulfilling a large number of dreams.

The work of Santa Claus at Christmas is commendable: distributing a large volume of gifts on time and around the world, without forgetting a single one. For this reason, he is a hero, a hero without a cape, as are all those people who are part of a company's logistics operations and who, day after day (not just at Christmas), manage to distribute thousands of products in record time. But what is their secret? How do they manage to deliver so many packages and always on time? Keep reading and we'll explain how to:

2021 Christmas sales forecast

The Christmas campaign is, without a doubt, one of the great challenges for companies in the logistics sector. The increase in Christmas shopping compared to other months of the year leads to an increase in logistics operations. Companies in the logistics sector must do their best to meet the high demand these days (Santa Claus is unforgiving!).

In fact, on specialized portals such as The Economist, highlight a forecast of an increase in shipping management of more than 7% compared to data for the 2020 financial year, which will lead to more than 160 million shipments over this period.

For this reason, logistics heroes, including Santa Claus, are not left behind and rely on tools that can provide all their gifts on time and around the world. Below we reveal to you the great enigma of success.

What is the big secret of Santa Claus?

Given the great impact on sales in practically all stores during the Christmas campaign, it is essential to have excellent logistics management to meet the high demand.

For Santa Claus, it is increasingly important to speed and efficiency when it comes to distributing your gifts: being able to reach all places and in the shortest possible time is a priority.

For this reason, implementing tools that facilitate logistics operations and, above all, help to efficiently manage delivery routes is vital on such a special date.

Here's what Santa Claus' great secret is for a successful Christmas:

· Un software specialized in the last mile: the implementation of specialized tools for managing the last mile is essential, especially considering the busy Christmas dates. Specialized software will contribute to your company's commercial success at Christmas, since it will allow you to plan delivery routes in a matter of seconds, as well as making them more efficient. With efficient routes, you will not only have economic savings, due to lower fuel consumption, but also time savings, since you will carry out the most optimal route.

· Direct communication channels with your customers: direct communication with users is essential, since in the midst of the digital age, we are used to being constantly connected and informed. With the use of specialized software, your customers will be able to receive direct and real-time information about your purchases. For example, your customers will be able to know at all times where their order is or when they will receive it, among others.

· Transportation: given the huge sales forecast for Christmas, it is necessary to take into account the company's logistics and transport capabilities. If, as we mentioned before, the increase in sales is greater than 7% compared to other days, we must weigh what the transport needs will be in order to operate successfully. To reach the total of the operation, you must Increase transport of the same exponentially: increasing one third of available transport, at least 2% if sales exceed 7%.

· Logistic staff: in the same way as with transport, it will be necessary increase specialized logistics staff to be able to carry out the day in a satisfactory manner. Taking into account that the increase in sales will be 7%, the available logistics staff must increase by the same number or, at least, by 2% more. Therefore, the workforce should increase by 2%-5% for that day.

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