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Tugou Success Story

Tugou Success Story

Tugou, a scheduled delivery company, was looking for a solution to optimize its home delivery routes in Peru. They found SmartMonkey, tested the platform, and stayed with us. Discover the benefits and savings they achieved with SmartMonkey.

Tugou was born in 2020, in the midst of a pandemic to meet a need that entrepreneurs had. The starting point was to migrate from a trusted taxi service to a professional service, with transparency and confidence that your products will arrive in a timely manner. They sought solutions that would allow them to differentiate themselves from the competition as an added value and for that they explored digitization and route optimization tools. They tried two or three alternatives, and after a few months they found SmartMonkey on the market, tried the solution and stayed with it.

There are several reasons why they decided to choose Routal. First of all, in terms of user, administrator and end customer it is easy to use and friendly, therefore the learning curve of anyone who comes to work is short, and this It helps to reduce costs also in the case of staff turnover. On the other hand, it is competitive in the market in terms of investment. The Gorilla license offers in one what other companies offer in separate modules at a higher cost.

Daniel Campos, operations manager at Tugou, comments: “It's a platform that we use 24/7, which has been very supportive, and that in a very short time we have gotten to know thoroughly. It's a very webapp Intuitive and this is very important for someone who uses it on a daily basis.”

As for the tool, they believe that it is relevant to versatility in the planning modules to add restrictions: weight, volume, and distinctive load characteristics. Also important to them is the agility in route planning and visibility in real time, being able to see where the vehicles are located and at what times the deliveries are taking place.

The ability to have simultaneous access to the platform to see the programmed route is something that stands out: “We are 4 people who have access and we review the routes daily. It is one of the differential characteristics and very important to us. Also the fact that for the driver it is a webapp (and not an App) and it is easier for them to view it. Apps sometimes need minimal capacity on mobile phones, next-generation phones, use more battery and data. It's something that drivers value a lot,” explains Daniel.

Email and SMS notifications and alerts build trust with the customer and thus reduce failed deliveries substantially. Thanks to the platform, customers can be sure that their products will arrive at their destination.

“The speed of planning daily routes allows us to look at other business opportunities, for example, adding more customers or outsourcing to other companies.”

Regarding this time savings, Daniel comments: “It is something that we have found that the ease and usability of the platform is opening up the field for us to create an additional line of business to create routes for other customers, other companies that don't have the time or prefer to outsource the service. Otherwise, without this extra time, it would be very difficult for us to venture into other types of businesses.”

Tugou found a solution for their route planning and optimization that provided them with concrete savings in costs and time. This translates into improved productivity and business expansion.

See the results they obtained by optimizing delivery with SmartMonkey:

  • -15% fuel: effect of savings on travel
  • -25% reduction in unit travel
  • -60% planning time
  • -33% fleet: thanks to the optimization of the platform that allows you to make the same deliveries with fewer vehicles
  • -55% investment: lower platform cost for the same benefits or features. (in a single module, without having to pay extra).

If you too want to reduce costs and save fuel Try SmartMonkey free for 10 days.

Watch the video of the case told by his operations manager Daniel Campos and his business manager Henri Malleux:

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