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Success Story: A La Casa Delivery

Success Story: A La Casa Delivery

From entrepreneurs to SMEs: how A La Casa Delivery began distributing its own products out of necessity and today it has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs from all over Chile. From market need to a growing business.

In 2019, Angela and Ignacio moved to Chile and began selling their products. Little by little they grew and came to make more than 20 deliveries per day. At that time and after trying different transport companies, they discovered that they were not satisfied with the delivery services available in their region. They didn't offer the service that their products required and saw the possibility of differentiating themselves by offering a better delivery service, so they decided to hire a person to make their own deliveries. The birth of a business out of its own need.

Over the months, they began to offer other entrepreneurs the service of home delivery with their delivery person. Thus, almost in the midst of the 2020 pandemic, it emerged A la Casa Delivery, a last-mile courier/delivery company for entrepreneurs and SMEs in Chile.

As quarantine restrictions in Chile increased more and more, the demand for delivery due to online purchases increased considerably, and deliveries per day became almost 600. Ignacio planned routes every night so that he could have it ready in the morning, and this required several hours. That work became unsustainable, inefficient and created a lot of problems. For that reason, they looked for a tool that could simplify their route planning work, which Ignacio did manually every day. After analyzing several alternatives, they discovered Routal.

After a demo, they started using the platform and solved their doubts thanks to the videos and articles from Routal. In just a few days they implemented the tool and started using it on a daily basis. Planning routes became a job of just a few minutes for Ignacio. In addition, I could obtain all the information in real time about the vehicles on the road and thus be able to resolve any incident that arises.

With the new addition of direct communication with the customer through SMS notifications, they were able to give more visibility to the recipient and thus reduce the number of failed deliveries. This directly influenced customer satisfaction, improving the score in the surveys that are sent after each delivery made.

Como A la Casa Delivery, hundreds of SMEs that benefit from the implementation of a digital solution for route planning and optimization, offering a better, more efficient and environmentally friendly service. If you are in charge of logistics for a small, medium or large company, we can help you digitize your operations in a few minutes, so that you can use your time on other more important tasks to boost your business.

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