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Managing a last-mile ecommerce business using Excel — Farmily Success Story

Managing a last-mile ecommerce business using Excel — Farmily Success Story

If you're still managing the last-mile routes of your ecommerce with Excel or Google Spreadsheet, don't worry, you're not the only one, but you probably need some help

Our goal is to make life in the last mile a little bit easier and more efficient. But before I go into detail, let me tell you the story of Eduard at Farmily.

cesta verduras farmily - ecommerce última milla
Farmily — Products direct from the producer

Farmily It is a small business that distributes fruit and vegetables at home, direct from the farmer. I am a customer myself and I can say that I have eaten the best strawberries of my life. Even better than those in my small urban garden, which hurt my little pride as an amateur farmer.

As a good entrepreneur, Eduard decided to set up his own online store and manage the entire process: generating demand, preparing shipments and delivering to the customer. I was clear that if I wanted to provide a good service, I needed to control the entire chain. You can imagine that before Routal, management was completely manual. Several Excels, papers everywhere, the odd shipment lost, nothing that didn't happen to you.

For him, just organizing the routes could take several hours a day, sometimes it was hell when one of the delivery people failed him. One day that this work was unsustainable, delaying preparation in the warehouse and impacting the quality of the service and preventing customers from repeating. For Eduard, continuing to work in that way made it difficult for him to grow and did not allow him to live in peace.

The daily problems of managing an ecommerce manually last mile

  • I spent many hours planning routes.
  • The preparation in the warehouse was delayed
  • The performance of the routes could be clearly improved (but I didn't have much more time)
  • I didn't sleep well at night

Eduard wondered if there was another way to do things. You can imagine that living in the countryside (as a family of farmers) rethinking what was established was not very common in their environment but I was clear that I needed to change something. Fast.

I agreed with Eduard speaking through the Chat, (I recommend that you use it, we have experts in last mile logistics who can help you improve your processes) and he told me that he controlled Excel and that he managed the entire company with this tool but he didn't use any other application other than email and Whatsapp to communicate with the delivery people. Every day at Routal, we see hundreds of small businesses that operate that way and suffer with the manual management of their operations. There is life beyond the spreadsheet and it's a better life.

I encouraged him to Watch a video of less than 5 minutes upon how we could help you save time in your daily life. In addition, you could try the tool at no cost..

In less than 30 minutes I had understood how the tool worked and I had my next day's schedule ready and saved a vehicle. I'll let you imagine what happened the next day.

He came back, every day. Routal Planner became an indispensable tool for their daily lives. But Eduard wanted to save himself one more step. The step of having to download files and copying cells from one file to another. From the product team, we thought about how we could help so many users who use Google's online Excel and have to carry out that process every day. At that time (and a few hours of development later) the add-on was born that integrate Google Spreadsheet with Routal Planner for all licensed customers Gorilla 🐒

And Kong 👑

completely free of charge.

google sheets integrado con smartmonkey planner

This integration allows Eduard and any Google Sheets user to easily and quickly import all stops/deliveries in a schedule with just one click. What used to be 10-15 minutes of downloading, adjusting and uploading is now literally 2 clicks (open the plugin, upload to the plan you need).

In this video you can see the entire process. Sit down, get ready, because 30 seconds are very intense (of which the upload time is no more than 10s).

Try it for free!

This is the story of a traditional small business that didn't want to settle and decided to improve its daily lives. I encourage you to follow in his footsteps and not stop growing like Eduard. I leave you with the most repeated questions that our users ask themselves and that we like to help them answer.

Don't I have time?

I understand it, I share it and I am convinced of it. You've come this far and others have done it. You know you need to do something different like Eduard did. As a teacher I had when “I didn't have time to do my homework” said: Time is relative, use it properly and invest it; it will give you back much more time than it will take away.

Will it be complicated?

If you are managing your business with Excel and are able to remember each of the pages, files and how they are organized, I assure you that Routal Planner will seem like child's play to you. If we can explain the operation in just 4 minutes, it won't take you more than 20 to get everything working (and if you have any questions you can consult our documentation or let us help you in our chat).

I'm too small for all this

That's one of the reasons why many users don't dare. They always expect to be bigger, better, better-looking. In my opinion, you manage to get bigger, offer a better service and get customers to repeat when you do things right. Excel is fine when you start, but not forever. Adding specialized tools that help reduce process times, increase performance and improve delivery convenience makes companies better, bigger and more beautiful.

We have customers who started with just 3 or 4 deliveries a day but wanted to improve the service. They wanted to save time, to let the customer know where the delivery person is, to have information at all times, and much more. All of this has allowed their customers to repeat. Improving has allowed them to grow and what used to be a vehicle is now more than 10 in just one year. You can do it, too, and it's easier than you think.

What does this integration allow?

With the Routal Planner route optimizer integrated with Google Spreadsheet, we allow any company that manages its daily lives using spreadsheets/Excel to continue operating in the same way while obtaining the performance improvements of a route optimizer. Savings of more than 30% of last mile operating costs, reduce planning times by more than 80% and improve the service delivered.

Facilitating data migration further helps reduce management and planning times, making it an almost automatic process. The goal is for you to spend time on tasks that really add value to your business. Technology must be on the side of users and that data flow without any friction.

How much does this plugin cost?

Free, nothing, Free. It is part of the license Gorilla 🐒

And Kong 🦍

, so you can try it with your trial account (🤫 you only have 10 days, make the most of them).

Contact us for more details and any questions or suggestions you may have!

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