The secret to reducing failed deliveries

The secret to reducing failed deliveries

Las failed deliveries They are the Achilles' heel of any company that offers last-mile delivery services and is even the main problem of companies that rely on logistics for the development of their commercial activity.

Logistic activities present great challenges but, without a doubt, the biggest of them all are failed deliveries. It is estimated that more than 1 in 10 deliveries are unsuccessful due, for the most part, to communication problems between customers and the delivery company.

Some of the most common situations in which failed deliveries occur and the origin of customer-company communication problems, according to the portal Eurosender are the absence of the recipient at the time of delivery, an incomplete or incorrect address or, even, problems accessing the recipient are some of the most common causes, among others.

The failed deliveries of Marcos, Silvia and César: a story of overcoming

As mentioned before, failed deliveries are a major challenge for many companies, not only those that focus their activities on the last mile but also for many others that rely on logistics for the success of their business.

Below we tell you the story of Marcos, Silvia and César. Three short stories that show the impact of failed deliveries on their daily activities and how they have been able to overcome them.

Marcos is a first-class chef

Marcos is the owner and chef of a centrally located restaurant in Madrid. Marcos is also responsible for making the inventory and receiving the daily merchandise for its elaborations. However, he also suffers from failed deliveries, since he told us that he had to change many dishes from his daily menu beforehand because the merchandise arrived late and without prior notice. This forced him to redo the menu at the last minute and adapt in record time, which has made him a first-class chef. Now, thanks to better planning and communication with their suppliers, their failed deliveries have been reduced by 97%.

Silvia's round numbers

Silvia is in charge of the logistics area of her company ecommerce, specialized in the last mile delivery of organic products. Before the incorporation of Silvia, her company had a 19% failed delivery rate, a very high cost for a small family business. As soon as Silvia joined the company, she could see the great challenge she was facing and looked for the main reasons why there were so many failed deliveries over the course of a single day and these were, in short, problems in communication between customer and delivery person. Now, Silvia has round the numbers, as the rate of failed deliveries has fallen to less than 4%.

César's customer satisfaction

Over the years, César has suffered from poor reviews about his company from customers who were dissatisfied with the services he offered. César had to find out what was the problem that most of his clients were facing and try to solve it quickly, in order to avoid the debacle of his company's image on the Internet. Over time, he was able to identify that he had communication problems with his customers, since they complained of not being notified when the service was performed (despite being carried out) or even of not having photographic evidence to verify that the service was being performed. César solved the problem as soon as he detected the problem and now has a better reputation and a score of 4.4 out of 5 in his company.

Marcos, Silvia, César and yours's solution for failed deliveries

As you can see, failed deliveries are a pending issue in many companies. A highly complex challenge within the logistics chain that leads us to prioritize knowing what its possible errors are and how to solve them. But what then is the solution? As any marriage therapist would also tell you... COMMUNICATION.

The stories of Marcos, Silvia and César are real stories of our clients who have sent us over the years and as a sign of gratitude.

Not having direct and effective communication with your customers and even with the drivers and delivery people themselves is one of the biggest mistakes in logistics.

Being able to enjoy direct and inattentive communication channels that allow customers to know when they will receive a package, to verify that a service has been carried out or what phase of operation it is in is key to effective deliveries and also to the satisfaction of all parties.

The transparency and effectiveness of the entire process is very important and both Marcos, Silvia and César know this. All of them were able to identify the problem their business had and found it in Routal Planner the solution. They saw Planner not only as an optimizer of delivery routes, but also as a platform for direct communication with their customers. Now all your customers have Information updated in real time in addition to also having delivery tests for the verification of the performance of the services.

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