How to save fuel in your logistics operations

How to save fuel in your logistics operations

Gas, gasoline, gasoline, fuel, there are hundreds of ways to call it depending on where you are. However, the increases in their costs are being reflected around the world. That's why in this article we'll give you tips to save fuel and thus reduce not only costs, but also CO2 emissions from your logistics operations.

Efficient routes 🛣️

If there is something essential for saving gas, it is choosing the most optimal route, traveling as few kilometers as possible through the right area and taking into account variables that may arise, such as road conditions and maximum speed.

Our main advice is to use a route optimization tool (such as Routal 😉) that provides you with the most efficient routes adapted to your operation. The optimizer uses artificial intelligence to define among infinite variables which is the most effective route to complete the route you need in a few minutes, saving you a lot of time compared to doing it manually. You can set restrictions, time windows, weight and volume limitations, and more. This way you will get the most suitable routes and in this way you will increase your productivity and you will save not only fuel, but also costs.

Maintenance 🛠️

Secondly, it is essential to save fuel that the vehicle to be used works properly, so we recommend regular maintenance of your fleet. This includes doing regulatory checks, checking oil and lubricants, and also checking tire pressure whenever possible. These revisions prevent further inconveniences in the future and save money in the event of breakdowns. Vehicle manufacturers establish the recommended period for each revision depending on the model and age of the vehicle, and some are mandatory to maintain the current warranty. We recommend that maintenance be carried out by specialists or trained personnel.

Driving 🚙

Another way to make fuel consumption efficient is the way you drive. Avoiding aggressive driving, trying to maintain a constant speed and respecting speed limits reduce fuel consumption. Safe driving courses are available to improve drivers' way of driving and to keep up to date.

You should also turn off the engine when you are standing still for a long time and try to keep the air conditioner above 21 degrees and below 24 to avoid overspending.

Hybrid or electric vehicle 🔌

Another option to save fuel permanently is to switch to a hybrid (or fully electric) vehicle to reduce emissions and improve efficiency. A hybrid vehicle can save us a lot of fuel, especially if it is used in the city for short routes. In addition, the maintenance of these cars is cheaper. Another benefit is that, due to their rating, they have no traffic restrictions in cities with low emission areas, they have discounts on tolls and also reduced taxes.

The Routal route optimizer includes a limiting kilometer restriction so that when planning your routes you can take into account the range of your electric vehicle.

Despite the increase in the price of fuel, there are different ways to save it, put them to the test and reduce your expenses too. Follow all these tips and also use a route optimizer to improve your operational efficiency and productivity, saving costs and fuel. Try Routal free for 10 days hither.

Do you have other tips for saving fuel? Leave us your comment.

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