2021 Balance Sheet: The SmartMonkey Planner Success Story

2021 Balance Sheet: The SmartMonkey Planner Success Story

A few days before the end of the year, at SmartMonkey we take stock of 2021: a year as convulsive as it is productive.

Throughout 2021 and even with the pandemic of Covid-19 very present, many companies have been forced to change and adapt to that no longer so “new reality”. New ways of proceeding such as “contact 0” deliveries or the switch to a increasingly sustainable logistics.

We can't be unfair, because despite enormous efforts, 2021 has been a great year at SmartMonkey and you, the user, know what we're talking about.

We have established ourselves as one of the last-mile management platforms most highly rated by its users: more than 200 customers from around 26 countries rely on SmartMonkey Planner for their operations on a daily basis. And thanks to this, and because more and more people trust Planner as their last mile manager, we can say that 2021 is closing as a year that is very aware of the environment: thanks to the use of Planner, 332 tons of CO2 have been saved.

The secret to SmartMonkey's success in 2021: We listen to our users

As we mentioned before, our users know how important it is for us to listen actively in addition to meeting and understanding each other's needs.

Precisely for this reason, in 2021 at SmartMonkey Planner we have implemented great new features on our platform. We started the year with Highway and in April we switched to Planner: a new platform with a much friendlier interface, further improving the experience of our users.

Thanks to the trust of users in SmartMonkey, we are Constant growth, which facilitates the relentless implementation of new features within the platform. In the last month of November, we launched new features within Planner, thus meeting the needs that our users let us know.

Planner is one of the most complete software for managing the last mile, thanks to some of the recent features:

Creating Zones: the possibility of organizing your daily planning taking into account the areas where delivery people can go. You can create zones for different zip codes, neighborhoods, regions, or any division that is of interest to your business.

Tasks: Tasks are all those activities or services that are part of the same stop, regardless of their status (whether those in force, to be performed or completed). Add more information to your stops by creating tasks to include all the details of your deliveries.

Barcode reading: The driver currently has the possibility to indicate the tasks as performed by scanning the barcode from the application.

Mode of transport: currently, in addition to a car, you can generate your routes with a bicycle, motorcycle and truck.

Estimated delivery time: know at all times what the current time of arrival of a driver is at a specific service, at what exact time it has been canceled or if at that time he is in transit, while your customers have the estimated time of delivery constantly updated.

These latest news are added to the long list of features that we have today. From the optimization of efficient routes to direct communication with your customers and even to the real-time monitoring of operations. All this and much more is SmartMonkey Planner. If you want to know in detail how our customers benefit from all these features and many others, discover Planner's use cases: Plan and optimize your deliveries, Track your deliveries, Monitor your operations and Notify your customers.

Don't be left behind and be part of a successful platform and transfer it to your operations, sign up for Planner:

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