Green Friday, new strategies for a sold out Black Friday

Green Friday, new strategies for a sold out Black Friday

All that's left is Christmas. Breathe, there's less left. We all have the same feeling, a terrible storm has taken hold of our email, TV and shop windows. With a single motto: Black Friday.

The feeling that everyone has of is one of exhaustion, tiredness and deception. Everything related to Black Friday is predictable, irrational and in some cases generates unethical behavior. From the famous pushes in American department stores, to raising prices the days before.

This negative perception is taking hold of all consumers. I'm not saying that, but different studies that try to analyze the perception of this day and arrive at the same coincidence, people are tired. Consumer Emotions on Black Friday: Antecedents and Consequence, Are Black Friday deals worth it? Mining Twitter Users' Sentiment and Behavior Response.

We all know that to sell in the B2C world, the best strategy is to attack the reptilian brain. Moving the customer to make irrational decisions, the urgency, a reduced time and a price that will never be repeated, will make you lose THE opportunity to buy what you wanted so much. With all this push, it's obvious that people can't do anything other than go crazy with their credit card.

A second after the purchase is the moment when you realize that you probably didn't need it (nor could you afford it). The offer wasn't as good as you thought and on top of that you'll have to suppress your desire to party due to lack of funds. You feel used by marketing departments and you start to distrust.

The following year, you look months in advance at the price of what you really wanted to buy (waiting for the big day) to make sure you're not being fooled, and you end up delaying the purchase you would have made months before. When the big day comes and after 3 failed delivery attempts by the courier, you end up thinking about the environmental impact of your purchase. You are not alone. Brands are also evolving.

One of the demonstrations that Black Friday is at a time of exhaustion is Google Trends. We can see a clear setback in the Number of Google searches of the term Black Friday.

Google Trends black friday

We have overcome the peak, and we are going down in what can be sensed as a tendency to flatten the curve. It probably won't go away, but it shows clear signs of exhaustion. Like any acquisition channel, the beginnings tend to be explosive, at a point where it becomes mainstream, and from there performance declines rapidly to a point of exhaustion. Tap Find New Things. Innovate in new strategies.

How are brands attacking this Black Friday exhaustion problem? Green Friday

With new proposals such as Green Friday. Turn around an exhausted concept and associate positive values with the brand. A clear trend in all ecommerce is sustainability. At the last ICIL Debates event in Barcelona, important brands such as Mango or Desigual publicly demonstrated their commitment to sustainability throughout the chain. From sustainable manufacturing to transport with the lowest possible CO2 footprint. Eliminating the plane as much as possible from its logistics, as a practical example of its actions.

A pending issue is the sustainable last mile delivery. Companies such as Beeasy or Geever they deliver the last mile by scooter or on foot with a delivery network that allows last-yard capillary delivery with 0 emissions. These are alternatives that will grow more and more strongly in cities.

For heavier products, or greater geographical dispersion (less dense areas), it will be essential to use electric vehicles. One of the biggest brakes is the operational management of this type of vehicle. They don't behave the same way and the fear of”Stay strung out” is a brake on their transition. Technology such as Routal allows plan routes and make sure you don't run out of battery increasing vehicle productivity by more than 30% and facilitating the management of this new way of distributing.

Without a doubt, this transition will not be easy. But if we can turn a date as relevant to commerce as Black Friday into Green Friday, we will help generate that momentum that the sector needs to make the transition to last-mile logistics more sustainable. It's for the good of all.

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