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Success Story: Alfil Logistics — Alfilxpress

Success Story: Alfil Logistics — Alfilxpress

Managing deliveries is a jungle, but there are cases where there is light at the end of dense and dense nature. Today we will talk about one of them and how they managed to solve the problems they faced when launching a new division focusing on last-mile offices.

Alfil Logistics Success Story:

Alfil Logistics is a company with 20 years of experience in the market, manages more than 300,000 shipments annually and has more than 400 employees. They had the objective of growing through a new service that would offer a comprehensive logistics solution for e-commerce and decided to do so through a new division that they called Alfilxpress.

El 95% of Alfilxpress deliveries were to private homes, this was the first problem since the systems they had been using were not optimal for last-mile transportation. Another weak point they had was that they did not have real-time information about their offices and what they did have was in different systems.

In addition to these problems, they had a high staff turnover as they handled high peaks in demand and had little time to plan their routes every day. This is how their exhaustive search for a solution began to help them optimize their service, enrich information and improve decision-making.

When they started using Routal they saw an improvement of a 15% of productivity in their delivery companies, they managed to reduce the number of vehicles they used in Barcelona, improved the quality of information and thus reduced multiple errors (such as constant problems they had with delivery addresses).

15% improvement in productivity

One of the big headaches of shipping management is failed deliveries, Alfilxpress I managed to reduce them considerably thanks to the fact that our platform offers a system to notify consumers that their package is close to arriving and also allows us to link addresses with the delivery time windows selected by customers.

Another great advantage is that now Alfilxpress you can track your vehicles live, see the comments of each incident and be able to react quickly to any unforeseen event, all thanks to the visibility we provide on our platform.

Just like Alfilxpress, hundreds of customers are discovering the benefits and tools it offers Routal to be able to cross the jungle of deliveries.

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