2022 a good year, 2023 an even better year.

2022 a good year, 2023 an even better year.

We can summarize 2022 in three words, a great year. In a sector where every second and every cent counts, and where if you don't measure it you can't improve, numbers come first: We have doubled our turnover again, we are now close to half a million euros. Thanks to our more than 250 customers who trust their processes every day to our route optimization tool. Without your trust and without your demand to make a better product, we wouldn't be here. But we still have a long way to go together. And to add to many more.

Our mission:

“Provide affordable tools that improve the experience and efficiency of logistics processes for any company.”

It's always good to check if we're on the right track and I think that our mission is more current than ever. As a good logistician named Bezos said, “Work based on something that won't change in the next 10 years.”

The experience of most companies that operate in the last mile can be improved. From the internal decision-making processes, to the planning itself, management with the distribution or the end customer experience can be improved. Highly upgradable. That's why we're here and our customers share the same mission. Improve every day, be more efficient and provide a more convenient service.

The economy is at a time of maximum uncertainty, and that causes logistics to suffer. We live in an interconnected chain where if someone in China sneezes, we feel it in Barcelona, Lima and Reykjavik. Last-mile logistics, as the last link in the chain, also notices this. What to do? Adapt, be more efficient and flexible. There's no other one left.

Logisticians know a lot about adapting to unexpected changes, it's in our DNA. To adapt, you need to evolve, improve your processes and that's where companies find us. We are with them to make this transition as fast as possible (Congratulations Prio Energy for deploying in 24 hours 👏🏻) and simple (Cabify Logistics has assured us that they have tried all the platforms and none as easy to use as Routal).

Our present is to continue the great work we have been doing for the last 3 years. Better products, easier to use and more powerful. This is why we have released a new version. More intuitive, faster and more collaborative. With one goal: To make your life easier, more flexible and efficient.

We believe in our way of working, we know what is different from the rest, and we understand that if we want to be the reference we cannot set our sights on today or tomorrow, but rather think about the coming years and working from now on. For this reason, we invest a lot of efforts in improving product, value and customer communication processes. We still have a lot to do.

The future will bring us better products, solutions that improve the experience and efficiency of logistics processes. That is our mission and we work every day to get closer. All our work is based on some principles (and our clients share them):

  • Continuous improvement: Nothing is perfect, everything can be improved and anyone (including customers) can propose improvements
  • Transparency: We are transparent (we publish any incident with the service openly), we all make mistakes, but we assume our responsibility.
  • Listen to customers: Understand the needs of each customer, improve the product for everyone and have the courage to say no, for now.
  • Persistence: It's hard for things to work out the first time, we can't give up, so we have to keep fighting

2023 will be an even bigger year.

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